Wire Cloth

Pre-Seamed Sleeves, Cut Cloth, Belts
Pure Weld, Brazed, Spot & Pin Seams

Manufacturing “Broad Loom” Metallic wire cloth for formation and filtration

H.M. Spencer has been producing the Highest quality broad loom wire cloth for over twenty five years.

We understand the paper making process and the related wire cloth impact in the washing, filtering and formation processes. Our creative approach to weave selection and design has been successfully used to address many specific mill requirements. For recommendations and assistance please contact our nearest facility.

We maintain an extensive inventory of over 50 various weaves in widths up to 350”, enabling us to ship most wire cloth requirements within three working days. Our seven heavy-duty looms, capable of producing over one million square feet of quality metallic wire cloth annually, are continuously replenishing stock to insure material is available when you need it. We can also accommodate custom weaves for unique applications.

All fabric is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Before weaving, all strand wire must meet many requirements, including tight chemical specifications, physical characteristics, and appearance. During the weaving process our master weavers carefully monitor the cloth to guarantee accurate specifications and consistency. Once woven, the cloth is pre-stretched to set the crimp thereby stabilizing the material. The product is inspected one last time when it is being cut to size for specific application. This quality control procedure, involving all participants in the process, assures all wire cloth delivered to your door will meet or exceed industry standards.

Wire Cloth Terminology

  • Count- The number of wires (or openings) per linear inch of cloth
  • Crimp- Indenture of strand wire to provide a locking surface for perpendicular wires. Reduces deformation of mesh.
  • Mesh- Nominal designation of cloth. Same as count.
  • Shute Wire- Strand wire running across the width of the cloth. Also called the fill or weft wire.
  • Caliper- Thickness of the woven cloth measured in inches.
  • Opening- The hole size which is the distance between two adjacent wires.
  • Open Area- The proportion of open space in a section of cloth expressed as a percentage.
  • Warp Wire- The strand wires running the long way of the cloth as it is woven.