Sinclair Box


Specifically Designed for use with Dandy Rolls, the Sinclair Box improves paper quality and increases production efficiency. On plain wove grades formation is improved and picking and licking frequently associated with Dandy Rolls in minimized. More uniform moisture profile at the Dandy is obtained and common problems of streaking and scaling are overcome. In addition, Dandy Rolls stay cleaner longer and water throw is minimized.

Suction Box Features

  • All Controls situated on tending side machine
  • Horizontal adjustment provided to enable precise location of suction box in relation to nip of Dandy Roll
  • Normal operation requires less than 20 vacuum H20 (1 in. vacuum Hg)
  • Adujustable deckle allows for varing sheet widths
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • Ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene cover strips
  • Two styles of mounting available