For primary water removal before your product enters the dryer section, Horne Machine Co. offers a variety of press arraignments to meet your needs. Using a Horne press, moisture can be squeezed out to increase dryness by up to 3% - 10%; depending on arraignment. We can design your press to be either pneumatic or hydraulically loaded and accept either seamless or pinned type felts.

  • Suction presses - Incorporates vacuum into your press roll for gentle removal of water to avoid sheet damage.
  • Couch - For use on fourdriner for maximum de-watering.
  • Primary press Section - Uses incremental loading to prepare the sheet for the High loading of the main press.
  • Smoothing presses - Used for improving sheet finish or smoothness.
  • Inverse presses - Improves sheet to make symmetrical, eliminating two-sidedness
  • Combination Press - Uses various nip lengths to achieve your desired sheet characteristic.
  • Main Type "Jumbo" press - A long Nip press that uses heavy loading to increase sheet dryness. Can be single felted, double felted, or suction depending on application. Provides final water removal before dryer section.