Uniflow Vats | Counterflow Vats | Dry Vats | Vat System

Manufacturer of over 250 vats, Horne Machine Co. has the experience, equipment, and techniques to produce the most technologically advanced vats for today's board industry.


Horne vats are constructed entirely of solid stainless steel. No vat structural components are made of cladded steel or fiberglass. This construction process prevents possible thermal expansion problems which can cause vat cracks or component separation difficulties.

Utilizing modern methods, Horne Machine Co. fabricates and machines vats operating cylinder moulds from 36" dia. to 72" dia. with various inlet configurations. Horne Machine can supply custom-engineered vats for all applications:

  • Uniflow Vat
  • Counterflow Vat
  • Dry Vat
  • Restricted Flow Vat
  • Goldsmith Vat

Horne vat inlet configurations exhibit the advancement of state-of-the-art vat technology. Sheet formation properties are dictated by these various stock approach distribution systems that can be simple or extremely advanced in their conception. Today, Horne Machine Co. manufactures the highest quality stainless steel vats available for today and tomorrow's cylinder board industry.