Other Rolls

Forming Rolls

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  • Pin-Truss Cylinders - Forming roll that is based on a pin-truss design giving the roll superb strength and good open area. The design eliminates the need for any internal spiders. This roll can be used to align fibers on the Fourdrinier wire on large, fast machines.
  • Breast Rolls
  • De-Watering Rolls

Decker Cylinders / Thickeners

  • Used to reclaim fibers out of white water.
  • Can be of pin-truss or spider design.
  • Possibility of couch loading

Dryer Drums

  • Thru-Air Dryers
  • Cast Iron Type
  • Perforated Plate Type

Vacuum & Suction Rolls

  • Perforated Plate style drums with internal bank. Used in manufacture of medical product and filter media.
  • Designed for low speed applications
  • Perforated plate design
  • Internal blank to allow the product to release

Johnston Dandy also provides the following rolls:

  • Wire Rolls & Table Rolls - For the Fourdrinier Section
  • Paper Rolls - To support the sheet
  • Spring Rolls - Floating Roll that is movable in the range of the spring; for draw control
  • Fly Rolls - Air driven TS raised for sheet threading
  • Felt Rolls - For the Press, Dryer felts